besides the visual result, I was interested in an acoustic, performative and installative result. For its creation, I got inspired from the primary function of the Organ. Namely, to be someone allowed to play music on the organ there should always be another person, the “assistant”, to blow air into the machine during the performance. because without him the functional duration of the Organ was restricted – placed by technology. To succeed this bicycle’s air chambers which I united with each other and I made seven creation of a contemporary Organ inure. His role in the installation is similar to that was mentioned above, that is, throughout the performance the “assistant” with a pump delivers air to the tubes. Moreover, the acoustic part of this research, remains raw. The change in the tone of the sound is achieved through the way that the hand contacted with the volve

làryngas – main installation
600×200 cm
bicycle air chambers, pump

23 x collage
24x30cm, technique mix

12 x b&w photograph
photographic paper, analog print

làryngas extention – intervention in the museum
1h, sound registration in loop, speakers

art process
voice vibration on a photographic paper

art process
collage with photos from the Organ

art process
digital collage


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