the unform of memory ihnos

i used to make grammar and syntax mistakes, actually I continue still now. From the beginning of my studies I found very annoying to follow all the glossary rules, because I was believing that we can also comunicate with different ways. It was like a game for me to create new words and to see the others trying to understand the meaning, I think that the most of the kids are doing this kind of jokes.


 This alphabet has his base and been created from my consciousness, is a symbolotopoeia and primitiv. Lines and curves that interpret the different categories that the memory has. To arrive in this result, the process of the science helps me a lot to understand how the categories of memory works. Of course some “letters”coincide to the reality and others to my reality. For the moment this glossary is composed from 19 letters and one map that includes all of them but fortunately with no rules.